A True Saint

A True Saint

In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects — all are fair game.
This, Again, Is the daily post prompt.

If I would be named “The Patron Saint Of X” I would like X to be… MineCraft!!!
Because then I would be in control of minecraft. Because like, Who can say no to a saint???
Then I would get everything I want out of minecraft!
Some things I want out of mineCraft are:

-Tameable & Ridable Dragons.
-A bigger variety of weapons.
-Magic (Like wands & Staffs.)
-The ability to keep your skins even while offline.
-Realms For Free! (Only for me though.)
And thats just a small list of things I would do.

Plus whenever people would think of M.C. they would think of me!
Hope you liked my blog.


Three questions.

A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece – about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?
This is the daily post challenge.
I am definitely going to need to think about this one…

The three questions  I hope she won’t ask are:

#1.What is your favourite T.V. Show? 
Because it is a bit embarrassing. (and don’t you go asking me the next time I see you!)

#2.Who is your favourite aunt?
(I don’t even know the answer to that one.) 

#3.Mac or P.C.?
(that would just start an argument.)


What is so funny about this is that I KNOW the next time I see the people that read my blog they are going to say: Chance do you have a minute? and ill say: Sure. And then they will say: I have three questions for you

When you were my age.

Today I am Uninspired and I don’t know what to write about, (Like most days).
So I am going to talk about a subject that interests me. 
I call it: Wen you were my age.

Most elderly people look at the world and don’t like the changes they see.
They like to have things the way they were.
They often say to people lots younger than them. (Mostly Teens): When I was your age, I didn’t have all the iPad’s and Ds’s and computers. I had my entertainment by going outside. Thing is, When they were my age, They had elderly people telling them what is bad about the changes in their time, AND, when I grow to be an elderly person, I will tell my grandchildren what they shouldn’t be doing.

I don’t mean to pick on older people. but I am just saying that its like a vicious cycle! very one gets told: When I was your age. and most of us grow up to say those very words!!!

Mind Reader…

Here is the daily contest…


If you didn’t click the link, The it says to write about what I think the last person I saw before writing this is thinking right now.
Here goes nothing.
The last person I saw before writing this was my mom so…
Here it goes…
In her words, This is what she is thinking right now:

 I am watching Ceaser Milan because I think that if I watch it long enough that I will get a dog.
Maybe if I REALLY REALLY beg Mike he will let me at least FOSTER a dog…
Have I had coffee yet??? I don’t think so… I am gonna go make some right now… Oooh  shiny!!!  I wonder what that is… Oh yeah I gotta make coffee. Oh! Look at that puppy! he is SO cute! We should get a dog like THAT!!! Actually, I am just gonna go uptown and get a foster dog, and hide it in the basement!!! That will work fine!!! mmm… This coffee is… HOT!!! Oww!!! It burns! it burns!!! Gotta go wash my mouth out!!! Oh look! A puppy!

And that Is what she is thinking about…
P.S. I might never blog again. due to me being either mortally wounded or dead… bye. Jk.
– Chance.


Time machines.

Well, Today when I sat down to write my blog, I didn’t know what to write! I am looking for inspiration! So when you are done reading this blog, Go to the bottom of the page and comment about what you think I should write about.

But that’s not it!!! on days where I can’t find any inspiration, I go to the daily post. They always have a writing contest, So today I am going to participate in that contest! here is what the contest is: 


In this case… I would…

I would buy a time machine!!! And then I would go home, Get one of my dad’s masks on, and go back for the invisibility helmet!!! then, I would make myself invisible and go back in the store and steal the anywhere door! Once they would find out about it, I would place my anywhere door and go through, Use the time machine, And then send them the money through the mail! once they got there the money would get there by mail and I would have all three! what fun I would have then!

First I would use the anywhere door and teleport anywhere (of course) Then I would use the invisibility helmet to spy on people, and learn funny things about people that I’m not supposed to know. then I would use the time machine to watch history I.r.l.! First I would watch myself say my first word. Then I would watch my dad say his first word, and so on…
Until I would be watching Adam himself say his first word!!

Anyway, You get my drift. 
Fascinated -Chance

My way or the highway.

On Sunday, Me and my friend, Tyler, and his sister, Were at the park. We were wishing that more people would come to the park so we could play grounders with them. We soon got our wish. Four or five kids came to the park. You could definitely tell who was the leader. We immediately asked them if they wanted to play grounders with us… The leader of the group of kids immediately said no.

He said that he wanted to play shark tag. We said we had no idea how to play that. He explained. The rules were simple. One person was the shark, The other people were the… People. The shark had to try to tag the people without getting on the playstructure. As soon as someone “Taunted” The shark he could come up on the play structure once. As soon as his feet touched the ground he had to stay there until the next taunt. So we played for a while until he started making up new rules. He said that if he called “Land shark” The shark could come on the structure until he said stop. I said: Well why do you get to cal land shark and not somebody else? He said: Because I am cooler than all of you. In a snarky voice. So we continued playing. He then said that if the shark tagged someone they were both it.

He continued to make up rules until I had had enough. I said: That’s it i’m done with this game, It is not fair that you keep making up rules. Everybody immediately agreed. I said: who votes to play grounders? Everybody voted yes except him.
I DESPISE THAT GAME. He said. Lets play soccer. Everybody ignored him and started the game of grounders.
He started yelling at his relatives: You are my cousins, and you are visiting me. You have to do what I say!
I then said to Tyler: What time is it? We have to be back in twenty minutes.
The boy immediately said: I think it has been WELL over twenty minutes. You should be leaving now.

I find it funny how some people are so focused around themselves, That they don’t take into consideration how the people around them are feeling. How they have to be in control. I could plainly see that the boys cousins were CLEARLY not having any fun. But the boy didn’t care. Sometimes people are so selfish, That they don’t care how miserable other people are. Maybe you have a friend or a relative or a boss like this. Make sure to pray for them. -Chance

Belated Mothers Day.

The funniest thing happened on sunday. It was mother’s day! Can you guess who I wished happy mothers day to first??? Not my mom! No! I didn’t even know that mothers day was even close until I got to church and went to greet people and overheard: Happy mothers day! So I went up to my aunt and said: Happy mothers day! Then I realized, I hadn’t even wished my mom happy mothers day!
(I was halfway through writing this blog when I realized how many “Happy mothers day”s there were in that paragraph!)

The thing is, It doesn’t really make a difference what day it is! I make sure I let my mom know that she is loved and appreciated every day. No matter how I feel I make sure I never go to bed without saying: I love you.
I think, that we should make every day a holiday where we tell our loved ones that we love them.
No matter what day it is, make an effort to let them know what they mean to you!

Happy mothers day mom, I love you.