On monday:
I woke up, got ready for work, and went outside. I rode around on the Pennyboard I got for my birthday until it was time to go.
When I got to work I found a list waiting for me of all the things I was supposed to do. Number one, Dust walls upstairs. Easy enough.
So I went to the closet and grabbed the dust broom and pail and filled the pail. I walked upstairs and dusted the first room. Then I went downstairs to get a drink. When I came back up, I grabbed the broom and walked away. The fire alarm started. What I didn’t realize is that the broom was resting just underneath the fire alarm. When I had pulled the broom, I also pulled the fire alarm. This made everyone panic. I ran downstairs, My mom ran upstairs to find me and I yelled THAT WAS ME! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! everyone just laughed.Once they disabled the alarm, they called the fire department and told them it was a false alarm. I felt so bad. I thought I was going to be fired. But I wasnt.

So, Yeah, That’s what happened on monday.




Dear Mr. Drive,
Sometimes when I am taking you I wish you would be over already,
Sometimes when I am taking you I wish you would not be over so quickly.
Sometimes I wish that I could be the one taking you all by myself,
Sometimes I wish that others could come with.
Sometimes I want you to go faster,
Sometimes I want you to go slower.
Sometimes you are my best friend,
Sometimes you are my worst enemy.
Sometimes you are my comforter,
Sometimes you are my unnerving.
Sometimes I wish more than anything to take you,
Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to take you at all.
Sometimes I love you,
Sometimes I hate you.
Sometimes I wonder if you could tell stories, What stories would you tell?
Sometimes I wish the stories would just shut up.
Sometimes you carry new life.
Sometimes you carry death.
Sometimes you bring me to a place that i’m happy to be in,
Sometimes you bring me somewhere I hate to be.
Sometimes you start me on a journey,
Sometimes you bring me home.
I cant wait to take you again,
Or can I? 
Sincerely, -Chance.

Today for my inspiration, I found the nearest book, Flipped to page 29 and read the first word I saw in the page. Then I based the blog on this word.

Friday the thirteenth, Full moon and camping.

I forgot to mention that we were camping on friday the thirteenth, On a full moon.

Once we got to our campsite we hurried to get a good spot, It reminded me of a gold rush. Once we got set up, We went fishing in the canoe. Then we got back and it started to get dark. Since I have a thing for making up games, Me and two of my friends started playing one of the games I made up, I call it: Flash-Tag. It goes like this: There is one person that is it and the rest are not. The person that is it has a flashlight. (For the game to work it has to be dark outside). Everyone else is left in the pitch black. The person that is it counts to sixty. Everyone hides. When the person finishes their counting. They come looking for you. If they tag you with the light you are it. On a big camping site with lots of hiding spots, Its a great game.

When we went to bed I didn’t get a very good sleep because my dad and his friend were up half the night laughing about something, and my best friend slept in the same bed as me and he slept in the very middle of the small mattress. When I woke up I went fishing and explored the campsite a little more. It was fun. Me and my dad decided to leave early because the wind was against us and we didn’t want to have to canoe if it were to pick up. It Picked Up. By the time we got to the tunnel I was exhausted. Two of the older guys who followed us attempted to get through the tunnel, But could not because the current was too strong. So the portaged over. We waited until there was a motor boat going out and asked if they could give us a tow. They did.

We then struggled for about two hours against white-cap waves and wind and rain. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. The only way I kept fear out of me was closing my eyes and just imagining I was at home in a nice warm shower. To tell you just how bad it was, I later learned that a grown man that was canoeing with another guy behind us didn’t know if he was going to make it to the shore. He was a GROWN man!!! But we did. After we landed on the shore, The other people got there fifteen minutes after we did, They left two hours after we did. How is that possibe? They PAID a motor boat to tow them all back. I felt ripped off. I took off my shoes & socks when we got there and looked at my right foot. I had lost total feeling in it and it was blue. This scared both me and my dad. Then one of my friends said: Chance? I said: Yes? He Said: What color is your shoe? I said: Blue. Turns out, The die had bled into my foot. I was fine.

And that, Was a summary of what happened on the canoe trip. Hope you enjoyed,

Men’s Camping.

This is my blog about what happened on the men’s canoe trip from my perspective. I will tell about everything that happened:

On friday we arrived at the church and loaded our stuff onto the trailers, there were seven canoes on the big trailer, and two on the smaller one. Me and my friends got in our seats early and talked for a while.
When it was finally time to leave we drove for a bit until we got to Plum Coulee to pick up a man who was coming with us. Then we drove till we got to Steinbach and stopped at Tim Hortons. I had an orange juice. Then the van driver left to pick up another camper and the adults talked with a man about camping. He told us that we should all wear whistles on our lifejackets for safety. Then when the van got back we all boarded and took off. This time we didn’t stop until we got to Green Bay Resort, The place where we parked the van. Since we were one canoe short, We rented one. Some of us bought bait and fishing rods. My dad and me just bought bait. After that we loaded our canoe with our stuff and waited. Some of the people had yet to decide how everyone should sit. We got tired of waiting. So me, Dad and some other friends started canoeing already.

The lakes we canoed over were called: Caddie Lake and South Cross Lake. There is a tunnel connecting them.
Once we got to the tunnel, There was a STRONG current pulling us in the tunnel. We went faster without paddling while going through the tunnel than we did paddling while going in the open air. Once we got to the other side of the tunnel we didn’t know where to go so we stopped to fish for a short while until the rest caught up to us. Then we canoed to our campsite.


Terminal Time.

The Daily Writing Challenge Is…

Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices are working. How do you pass the time?

First, I would walk up to one of those mini restaurants that they have in the airport, and pay for twenty packets of ketchup. (Pastor T. , If you are reading this, You know where it is going). I would then also buy a newspaper. Then I would go outside onto the parking lot and slightly snip the top off the ketchup packet, Place it behind a tire (Open end facing another car), and repeat until I would be all out. Then I would sit on a bench overlooking the parking lot, and wait for entertainment to come to me while reading the newspaper! 

Once I would get bored of that, I would grab my (Non-Functional) cell phone, and place it up to my ear, Walk over to a random person, Look them in the eyes, and start talking. This is what would happen:
Me: Hello!
Them: Hi?
Me: How have you been? It’s been such a long time!
Them: Um, Fine. you?
Me: Just great! I am on my way to your dad’s funeral right now. I am so sorry about his passing.
Them: Excuse me?
Me: Don’t you remember? He died last week.
Them: What?
Me: Your forgetfulness is getting the better of you again, You should go get that checked out.
Me: *Pulls the phone away from ear: Excuse me? I am trying to have a conversation with a friend. Have you been listening to my conversation?
Them: …
Me: How Rude! *Walks away.

And that is what I would do if I was stuck in the airport of six hours.

Antique Items.

The daily post:

What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.) Recount its history — from the object’s point of view.

A while back (Like last summer), I was digging in the garden of my uncle and aunts house in the country (Looking for worms because my cousin wanted some). I hit something hard. So I dug it out and saw that it was an old gear of some sort. I took t to my uncle.  He said it looked quite old and that maybe my great, great grandfather made it. See, he was a blacksmith about a hundred years back on the same yard as they live now (I think). I thought it cool that my great, great grandfather had maybe made the thing I held in my hand. So I kept it, And thats abut the oldest thing I have.The oldest thing my dad has is a 1892 house of commence canadian collectors coin. Its REALLY old.


Language Holds No Boundaries.

The reason I have not been blogging for a while recently is because I got a job. At the job I do odd jobs around a welding shop. Like clean walls, Sweep floors, file documents, ect… On my first day I was sweeping the floor when I noticed that there was an elderly man with a big frown on his face. So I smiled at him. Once he saw me he immediately smiled and waved at me, I waved back.
The next day I went to work and saw him again. He smiled at me again. When I was sweeping I got really close to him and said hi.
He replied In german. I told him, As I tell everyone else that I don’t speak german. After a little while of trying to communicate, I realized that he doesn’t speak english.

This immediately reminded me of when we went to Honduras on missions for three weeks and I met a friend who didn’t speak english. We had become very good friends. I even helped him with his school. We learned not to communicate not with words, but with items.
I remember one day when he was learning english he was looking through an english grade 1 picture book. When he saw the picture of the cow, He said the word for cow in spanish. Then I said the word for cow in english. He said: Cow, And pointed at me. We both laughed. We continued to do that for every picture in the book.

As I remembered this I knew that I could become friends with this man. I am going to try to do just that this week. -Chance.