Terminal Time.

The Daily Writing Challenge Is…

Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices are working. How do you pass the time?

First, I would walk up to one of those mini restaurants that they have in the airport, and pay for twenty packets of ketchup. (Pastor T. , If you are reading this, You know where it is going). I would then also buy a newspaper. Then I would go outside onto the parking lot and slightly snip the top off the ketchup packet, Place it behind a tire (Open end facing another car), and repeat until I would be all out. Then I would sit on a bench overlooking the parking lot, and wait for entertainment to come to me while reading the newspaper! 

Once I would get bored of that, I would grab my (Non-Functional) cell phone, and place it up to my ear, Walk over to a random person, Look them in the eyes, and start talking. This is what would happen:
Me: Hello!
Them: Hi?
Me: How have you been? It’s been such a long time!
Them: Um, Fine. you?
Me: Just great! I am on my way to your dad’s funeral right now. I am so sorry about his passing.
Them: Excuse me?
Me: Don’t you remember? He died last week.
Them: What?
Me: Your forgetfulness is getting the better of you again, You should go get that checked out.
Me: *Pulls the phone away from ear: Excuse me? I am trying to have a conversation with a friend. Have you been listening to my conversation?
Them: …
Me: How Rude! *Walks away.

And that is what I would do if I was stuck in the airport of six hours.


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