Men’s Camping.

This is my blog about what happened on the men’s canoe trip from my perspective. I will tell about everything that happened:

On friday we arrived at the church and loaded our stuff onto the trailers, there were seven canoes on the big trailer, and two on the smaller one. Me and my friends got in our seats early and talked for a while.
When it was finally time to leave we drove for a bit until we got to Plum Coulee to pick up a man who was coming with us. Then we drove till we got to Steinbach and stopped at Tim Hortons. I had an orange juice. Then the van driver left to pick up another camper and the adults talked with a man about camping. He told us that we should all wear whistles on our lifejackets for safety. Then when the van got back we all boarded and took off. This time we didn’t stop until we got to Green Bay Resort, The place where we parked the van. Since we were one canoe short, We rented one. Some of us bought bait and fishing rods. My dad and me just bought bait. After that we loaded our canoe with our stuff and waited. Some of the people had yet to decide how everyone should sit. We got tired of waiting. So me, Dad and some other friends started canoeing already.

The lakes we canoed over were called: Caddie Lake and South Cross Lake. There is a tunnel connecting them.
Once we got to the tunnel, There was a STRONG current pulling us in the tunnel. We went faster without paddling while going through the tunnel than we did paddling while going in the open air. Once we got to the other side of the tunnel we didn’t know where to go so we stopped to fish for a short while until the rest caught up to us. Then we canoed to our campsite.



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