Language Holds No Boundaries.

The reason I have not been blogging for a while recently is because I got a job. At the job I do odd jobs around a welding shop. Like clean walls, Sweep floors, file documents, ect… On my first day I was sweeping the floor when I noticed that there was an elderly man with a big frown on his face. So I smiled at him. Once he saw me he immediately smiled and waved at me, I waved back.
The next day I went to work and saw him again. He smiled at me again. When I was sweeping I got really close to him and said hi.
He replied In german. I told him, As I tell everyone else that I don’t speak german. After a little while of trying to communicate, I realized that he doesn’t speak english.

This immediately reminded me of when we went to Honduras on missions for three weeks and I met a friend who didn’t speak english. We had become very good friends. I even helped him with his school. We learned not to communicate not with words, but with items.
I remember one day when he was learning english he was looking through an english grade 1 picture book. When he saw the picture of the cow, He said the word for cow in spanish. Then I said the word for cow in english. He said: Cow, And pointed at me. We both laughed. We continued to do that for every picture in the book.

As I remembered this I knew that I could become friends with this man. I am going to try to do just that this week. -Chance.


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