So there is this minecraft server I play on (Called Buildfreeks) And I applied for admin. An admin is someone that has just as much power over the server as the owner does. Now when the owner came on I asked him if he got my application, He said he had. I then asked if he had made a decision yet. Now I don’t know if he has or not yet but he told me not to ask and to just be patient. This is hard for me. In a day and age where everything is made fast like food, shopping, transportation, ect… It is hard for (Some) people to be patient. I am one of them. When it comes to something that I will hope happens. (Like getting Admin.) It Is hard for me to wait.

This reminds me of how sometimes we get put in a situation where something good for us is going to happen, and we know it. (like getting a chip truck, Or admin) But we don’t know when. and we just have to be patient and trust the lord that he has a plan for us. Now if I don’t get admin, I know it is for a reason and that he has a plan for me. Today I want to challenge you to be patient. I want to Challenge you to not get upset if you don’t get your Tim Hortons coffee In the first three minutes of the drive thru. I hope that you will accept my challenge And that this blog is inspirational to someone. -Chance.


His Unfailing Love.

Every day, After school, I Play this game that I have been playing for about a year. The game is called Clash-Of-Clans You can get it in the app store for free. It is kind of like a farmville game except you can attack other peoples villages and have to defend your own, Another thing you can do is join or create a clan. that other people can join. You can donate troops to one another, chat or go to war with another clan. The thing is though, That it is very hard to get other people in your clan if you don’t have a very high level. So yesterday I decided to start my own clan. (For those of you who play C.O.C. It is called #Inpursuit ). Now it was just me in this clan and so I asked dad to join because he is a pretty high level and I knew that he would be able to get people to join. So he came into my clan and brought a guy with.

Now, There are also ranks in clans. There is Member, Which is the lowest. There is Elder, Which is the second rank, And there is Co-Leader. Members have no power over the clan. Elders can invite people and kick one person every twenty minutes. Co-Leaders have the same powers as leader except the power to kick other Co’s and the leader. They can change the description , change the clan symbol and so on… So when the guy came in and saw that I made dad Co. He asked for it as well. Now I only gave dad Co because I knew him. So I said no… He immediately said: Come on Wise One (My dad’s account name) This guy sucks. Lets go start our own clan. So I kicked him out. Then dad invited him back. When he came back hime and my dad left together. I was hurt because, of course I had thought that dad was choosing this random guy over me. I immediately (Out of anger) Closed the clan so no one could join, And sat there with a bad attitude, Thinking: How could he do this to me? he just left me like this? to go to this other clan where he knew no one? I can’t believe that he would leave me! Then dad broke me out of my pity-party and said:Chance? Why did you close the clan? And I said: (out of anger and hurt) Because I am mad at you! He said: Why? And I responded: Because I can’t believe that you would just leave me here! (By now I had opened the clan up.) I looked down on my screen and felt immediate conviction. Five-Or-Ten people had joined, Including my dad. 

This reminded me of how sometimes our heavenly father puts us in a situation for our benefit and we ask: Why god? How could you leave me? How could you let me go bankrupt? How could you let my marriage fail? I can’t believe a loving god could do this to me! When really all we have to do is open up his word and read: For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you a future. Jerimiah 29:11. God puts us through the financial struggles and the marital struggles and every other ordeal for a reason. we may never know until we get to heaven. But it is for a reason! Praise be to god that he as a plan for me! I am soooo glad that there is perfect god out there that loves me and has a plan for me. Praise God! -Chance


Hey guys, Today I don’t really know what to write about so… I am going to write about  my favourite hobby! (So you can expect a longer blog.) But first I (Obviously) Have to tell you what my favourite hobby is right? Well, Ill tell you in a bit. First I want to tell you how I got inspired to write this blog. Yesterday I went for supper with my cousins and one of my cousins said: Chance? What is you favourite sport? I said: Skiing. And? What else? And I said: Minecraft. He said: What else? I said : Thats it. Then I said what is your favourite sport Noah? He said: Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis and running! Thats a lot of sports to like. Now, I guess my other younger cousin thought that Minecraft was a computer or something, So when I asked her, She yelled out: C.D. PLAYER! At the top of her lungs In the middle of A&W. (If I wrote a seperate blog on all the cute things she said I would be rich!)

Anyway, My favourite hobby. By now you could have guessed it was Minecraft. you’ll have to forgive me if I start writing this like an essay. Thats just how I write when it comes to why I like something.

Why I like minecraft:

It is infinite! There is no end to what you can do! If you are one of the following you may enjoy minecraft:

-You like to role-play.

-You have a big imagination.

-You love circuitry.

-You like to build things.

-You like PvP. (Player vs. Player.)

-You like survival based games.

-You like killing monsters.

-You like farming.

There is all of that and more! There is multiplayer: If you like to play with friends. There is single player. If you like to build alone and make your own rules. You can even make your own multiplayer server and make everyone obey your rules! If you want a multiplayer experience but don’t every Sam, Dick and Jane on your server, Try realms! The possibilities are endless! Anyway. I better stop now so, I hope you enjoyed and that I will see you on a server somewhere! (P.S. If you already play m.c. Check out my favourite server:!) Cya!

The WaterPark

Now, After the blog about my weekend we can get back to W.E.M. Adventures… The day after we got there, after we had breakfast and got me some trunks we went to the WaterPark.I think I told you about the pool and the waterslides. then we went to our hotel and freshened up. Then we went to lunch. We, Again, Went to Moxie’s. It was goood. After that we toured the mall for a bit. and I bought those books I told you about. Once we rested up. We went back to the pool and went on some more slides.

On one of the tube slides, Which is like a lazy river, Dad told me that there was a drop in the middle of the spiraling water slide. Now since he is always trying to trick me into believing weird stuff. I thought I better not believe him. I didn’t. Just as I was turning around, I saw a small waterfall we were about to go over. I went under. I got carried under for a while, and then, When I came to the surface. I had realized that I had lost my glasses. After some initial panic. Mom found them in the water, Picked them up… and dropped them back in the water. I almost cried, Then I felt them under the water and grabbed them. I was saved. If I had lost them I would have had a horrid weekend. Try squinting your eyes so that your eyelashes cover them. That’s how blurry it is without my glasses.

After we found them we got back on our tubes and went down to the middle of the spiral. I had forgotten to look for the drop… Instead I felt it. As I plunged into a pitch black tunnel.  I was terrified. You cant even tell which way you are going, It was AWESOME!!! After we had tried all the tubing slides mom and dad went to the hot tubs. So I went back on the lazy river. While I was floating down on the river I Attempted a conversation with the Attendant who looked like a nice guy, I hope that watch is waterproof, That was my opening line. After I had gone down the tunnel and went back to the river. He walked over and started talking to me. We made basic conversation. Like; What do you do after school? We both answered the same thing: Minecraft. So this was the routine: I go down the river and since I was the only one going down, He would pull me down while we talk, He told me how he wished he was homeschooled because then he would be able go play Minecraft after school. Which is what I normally do. then he would spin the tube as fast as he could and then push me down, It was awesome! I would think that the way I was facing was the front and then whoosh! I would go out backwards! One of the last times I went down, He said; Some idiots are blocking the tube down there, You may not want to go down. I don’t care. I said, I will go down. Once I did I got stuck in pitch-blackness and I got kinda creeped out. After I went down for the last time I said goodbye and left for the hotel with mom and dad, 

Anyway I better sign off now. Bye -Chance.

My weekend.

Now I know I am supposed to be blogging about the waterpark in W.E.M. but I want to tell you about my weekend! (Don’t worry, I will still write about the waterpark). So on Friday we went to Winnipeg. It’s why I didn’t write that day. Every 6 months I go to Winnipeg for a doctor appointment. It went well. But thats boring. So I am gonna tell you about different stuff. After the appointment, We went to Pizza Hut for buffet… It was deliciousness. And after that we went to a legislative building to renew mom’s passport. All went well. Until we tried to leave. You all know I have a fear of elevators. I was determined not be scared while in this one. That didn’t work out so well.

when we and another family got in, We pressed the L button (For lobby.) and then waited. Once we got to the main floor and the elevator stopped. I knew we were gonna be fine. I knew wrong. The door didn’t open. It just stayed closed. By now I was freaking out. It must have been only seconds but it felt like minutes. I decided I was gonna just play on my iPad and be calm. as soon as I opened up my iPad. The door opened. I was so grateful.

Then we ant to Cabella’s, and boy is that place fun! We went to one of the stuffed animal displays. (The real animals not the huggable bear kind) And there was an alaskan moose that was bigger than dad! It was cool.We went into one of the gun museums. It had guns from the 1900s! It was cool seeing guns that would have been used in the time of cowboys. After that we went to see God’s not dead. It was a good movie. I won’t say anything about the movie, because I don’t want to spoil it. But I would recommend seeing it. 

On saturday we didn’t really do anything. I just kinda played minecraft all day. at 7:30 we went to prayer and enjoyed the sweet presence of god. It was especially good because my best friend got touched by god incredibly. On sunday we had guest speaker Mark hill at our church. Boy is that guy funny. He spoke on the shift of a paradigm (Is that the word?). which is how you view a certain situation because of a similar situation in the past. I very much enjoyed his sermon.And I know have learned not so sit on the front of a roller coaster. After that we fellowshipped with the people for a bit and went off to lunch. We went to lunch with relatives we have not seen in a while and had a fun time. I have a new favourite game. Once we went home I got ready for bed, Listened to some Adventures In Odyssey and then went to bed, And that was my weekend. Hope you enjoyed -Chance.

Adventures In Edmonton.

Once we got out of the elevator, ( Thank goodness. ), We went to Mcdonalds, Picked me up a Mcgriddle, Then went to Tim Hortons and got mom & dad breakfast sandwiches. I felt a little uncomfortable eating Mcdonalds in a Tim Hortons, But it was all ok. Then we went to some different swimsuit stores and got me some trunks. Then after we bought the trunks we went over to the waterpark and paid. Then we went and changed. Once we changed, we walked into the pool. Instantly I remembered the place. Then we went down slides. There were a lot of slides! We tried out a few and my favourite one was like a toilet. It shot you down a tube, Dropped you into a bowl, And swirled you around until you fell through the middle. Its probably what monk’s nightmares are made out of. (Inside joke.)

The wave pool was also very cool, I found a tube in the water and swam up as far as we were allowed and swam over the first two waves and surfed the next one. It was fun. I figured out the pattern of the wave pool. three small waves, followed by two rolling waves, (The big ones) and then another small wave. If the first three started rolling, You knew that the next two were gonna be HUGE. A scary experience was when the wave knocked me over and my head got stuck under someones tube for five seconds. But it was all ok. Once we got tired of the pool and wanted to get some lunch we went to the hotel room. We had food from the food court. I had a hot dog from the hot dog stand. You would expect if it was in W.E.M. It would be more professional right? But nooo. The cheese dog I had was just a hot dog with a slice of cheese on it. After that we went and toured the mall.

 We went to the apple store, The disney store, and chapters. Now, This entire time that we were at W.E.M. I had the money I was saving for a pellet gun that I never got. So I had a good $60 to blow. when we went into chapters, I found my All-Time favourite book series for $65.00 I borrowed money. The series I bought is called the Inheritance series. There is actually a movie after the first book. it is called Eragon. You might have heard of it. It is a fantasy series.

Anyway, I better sign off for now. -Chance.