When you were my age.

Today I am Uninspired and I don’t know what to write about, (Like most days).
So I am going to talk about a subject that interests me. 
I call it: Wen you were my age.

Most elderly people look at the world and don’t like the changes they see.
They like to have things the way they were.
They often say to people lots younger than them. (Mostly Teens): When I was your age, I didn’t have all the iPad’s and Ds’s and computers. I had my entertainment by going outside. Thing is, When they were my age, They had elderly people telling them what is bad about the changes in their time, AND, when I grow to be an elderly person, I will tell my grandchildren what they shouldn’t be doing.

I don’t mean to pick on older people. but I am just saying that its like a vicious cycle! very one gets told: When I was your age. and most of us grow up to say those very words!!!