My way or the highway.

On Sunday, Me and my friend, Tyler, and his sister, Were at the park. We were wishing that more people would come to the park so we could play grounders with them. We soon got our wish. Four or five kids came to the park. You could definitely tell who was the leader. We immediately asked them if they wanted to play grounders with us… The leader of the group of kids immediately said no.

He said that he wanted to play shark tag. We said we had no idea how to play that. He explained. The rules were simple. One person was the shark, The other people were the… People. The shark had to try to tag the people without getting on the playstructure. As soon as someone “Taunted” The shark he could come up on the play structure once. As soon as his feet touched the ground he had to stay there until the next taunt. So we played for a while until he started making up new rules. He said that if he called “Land shark” The shark could come on the structure until he said stop. I said: Well why do you get to cal land shark and not somebody else? He said: Because I am cooler than all of you. In a snarky voice. So we continued playing. He then said that if the shark tagged someone they were both it.

He continued to make up rules until I had had enough. I said: That’s it i’m done with this game, It is not fair that you keep making up rules. Everybody immediately agreed. I said: who votes to play grounders? Everybody voted yes except him.
I DESPISE THAT GAME. He said. Lets play soccer. Everybody ignored him and started the game of grounders.
He started yelling at his relatives: You are my cousins, and you are visiting me. You have to do what I say!
I then said to Tyler: What time is it? We have to be back in twenty minutes.
The boy immediately said: I think it has been WELL over twenty minutes. You should be leaving now.

I find it funny how some people are so focused around themselves, That they don’t take into consideration how the people around them are feeling. How they have to be in control. I could plainly see that the boys cousins were CLEARLY not having any fun. But the boy didn’t care. Sometimes people are so selfish, That they don’t care how miserable other people are. Maybe you have a friend or a relative or a boss like this. Make sure to pray for them. -Chance


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