Belated Mothers Day.

The funniest thing happened on sunday. It was mother’s day! Can you guess who I wished happy mothers day to first??? Not my mom! No! I didn’t even know that mothers day was even close until I got to church and went to greet people and overheard: Happy mothers day! So I went up to my aunt and said: Happy mothers day! Then I realized, I hadn’t even wished my mom happy mothers day!
(I was halfway through writing this blog when I realized how many “Happy mothers day”s there were in that paragraph!)

The thing is, It doesn’t really make a difference what day it is! I make sure I let my mom know that she is loved and appreciated every day. No matter how I feel I make sure I never go to bed without saying: I love you.
I think, that we should make every day a holiday where we tell our loved ones that we love them.
No matter what day it is, make an effort to let them know what they mean to you!

Happy mothers day mom, I love you.