So there is this minecraft server I play on (Called Buildfreeks) And I applied for admin. An admin is someone that has just as much power over the server as the owner does. Now when the owner came on I asked him if he got my application, He said he had. I then asked if he had made a decision yet. Now I don’t know if he has or not yet but he told me not to ask and to just be patient. This is hard for me. In a day and age where everything is made fast like food, shopping, transportation, ect… It is hard for (Some) people to be patient. I am one of them. When it comes to something that I will hope happens. (Like getting Admin.) It Is hard for me to wait.

This reminds me of how sometimes we get put in a situation where something good for us is going to happen, and we know it. (like getting a chip truck, Or admin) But we don’t know when. and we just have to be patient and trust the lord that he has a plan for us. Now if I don’t get admin, I know it is for a reason and that he has a plan for me. Today I want to challenge you to be patient. I want to Challenge you to not get upset if you don’t get your Tim Hortons coffee In the first three minutes of the drive thru. I hope that you will accept my challenge And that this blog is inspirational to someone. -Chance.