Adventures In Edmonton.

Once we got out of the elevator, ( Thank goodness. ), We went to Mcdonalds, Picked me up a Mcgriddle, Then went to Tim Hortons and got mom & dad breakfast sandwiches. I felt a little uncomfortable eating Mcdonalds in a Tim Hortons, But it was all ok. Then we went to some different swimsuit stores and got me some trunks. Then after we bought the trunks we went over to the waterpark and paid. Then we went and changed. Once we changed, we walked into the pool. Instantly I remembered the place. Then we went down slides. There were a lot of slides! We tried out a few and my favourite one was like a toilet. It shot you down a tube, Dropped you into a bowl, And swirled you around until you fell through the middle. Its probably what monk’s nightmares are made out of. (Inside joke.)

The wave pool was also very cool, I found a tube in the water and swam up as far as we were allowed and swam over the first two waves and surfed the next one. It was fun. I figured out the pattern of the wave pool. three small waves, followed by two rolling waves, (The big ones) and then another small wave. If the first three started rolling, You knew that the next two were gonna be HUGE. A scary experience was when the wave knocked me over and my head got stuck under someones tube for five seconds. But it was all ok. Once we got tired of the pool and wanted to get some lunch we went to the hotel room. We had food from the food court. I had a hot dog from the hot dog stand. You would expect if it was in W.E.M. It would be more professional right? But nooo. The cheese dog I had was just a hot dog with a slice of cheese on it. After that we went and toured the mall.

 We went to the apple store, The disney store, and chapters. Now, This entire time that we were at W.E.M. I had the money I was saving for a pellet gun that I never got. So I had a good $60 to blow. when we went into chapters, I found my All-Time favourite book series for $65.00 I borrowed money. The series I bought is called the Inheritance series. There is actually a movie after the first book. it is called Eragon. You might have heard of it. It is a fantasy series.

Anyway, I better sign off for now. -Chance.