Edmonton Mall Adventures.

The night we got to W.E.M. (West Edmonton Mall) I was so excited. I have only been there once before and even then I was too small to remember much of it. The hotel we were staying in was the fantasyland hotel. It was connected to the mall. We were grateful for this because we would not have to drive to the mall every morning and if we wanted to rest we could just walk to our room. Once we got to our room we wanted to change. so I looked for my jeans. I wasn’t wearing my jeans before because we were travelling. So I wore jogging pants. When I couldn’t find my jeans I realized they were in the car. So we walked to the car and got them. We went back to the hotel room and when we were just about to leave I remembered that there was some medication in the car that couldn’t be left there over night. So me and dad ran back to the car and got the meds. Then finally we were ready to leave. we walked through the mall and as I seen some of the stores I started to remember the mall a little more. Look! there was the shop where I got my Build-A-Bear! And there! There was the sea-lion pit! I was very happy that we were there. When we got to the food section of the mall we debated going to Moxie’s or Tony-Roma’s We Chose moxies. This is the first time I have ever tasted broccoli cheese soup from Moxie’s. It was DIVINE. Then we went to the hotel and slept.

The next morning we woke up, Got dressed and walked to the elevator. Now, Last night, One of the elevators was not working. now when we pushed the elevator button, The broken one came up. Now if the interior of the elevator had looked like all the others, I would have been fine. but all the siding and wallpaper was replaced with a brown fabric and the floor was bare hardwood. I already have a small fear of elevators, But this was too much. So when dad got in, And mom got in, I was scared. Get in, dad said. Umm no, Are you crazy? I said back. Get in, Said dad. this went on for a while until somehow, (dads are good at this) He persuaded me to get in. (you get the hint.) The elevator closed, and I was sure we would be stuck in there. when the elevator stopped, and we were not on the right floor, So did my heart. then the door opened and I just about jumped out. I would have too if there were not people getting on. Finally, we got off and went and got breakfast.

Thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed, and see you all tomorrow! -Chance.


The ride to Edmonton. (Adventures In Alberta)

After the adventures I told you of, Not a lot happened. I rode ATV, Sassy found a bone, I explored, I rode snowmobile, Sassy got sold, Stuff like that. On the last day, I downloaded some Ebooks on my iPad and off we went! After that not a lot happened. Once we got to the mall we found our hotel, Dropped off our bags and went out to eat. The hallways in our hotel were all themed! Ours were hollywood themed. I would put in some pics but, They are not working to put in so.. hope you enjoyed, -Chance.

More Adventures In Alberta

First of all, You’ll have to forgive me if this is a short post. I am not feeling 100%.

So after I built my fort I divided my outside time between exploring the nearby area and finding old scraps of junk to make better weapons with. Eventually I got more familiar with our nearby forest and I wanted to explore different places. So I went To the nearby hills to explore. It was starting to get warmer, so some of the snow was beginning to melt, Wildlife  was beginning to come out more often, And I was welcoming it all. As I was exploring the border of the plains and forest, I saw a big pine tree Just at the border of the forest, It was slightly angled in the direction of the sunrise, Therefore warming the ground underneath it and melting the snow underneath the tree. A perfect place for deer to nest. I know that there were deer nearby because I found droppings. Another thing that made this tree so beautiful was the fact that the other trees surrounding it were barren and dying. So that was two reasons that it was a good spot for a fort. It was warm and had an abundance of dead trees nearby.

The Salesman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Now, At this time I needed money. I needed it because I wanted to buy a pellet gun to shoot stuff with. so I needed to get some. as I was collecting dry and dead wood from near my fort I had an Idea sprout in my mind. I ran home, Grabbed a box, And dragged it in the forest. Fifteen minutes later mom heard a knock on her door. she went to answer it and saw me. I said : Morning ma’am. My name is Chance and I am from the firewood club. Boy do I have a deal for you! You can buy this here box of firewood for just 9.99$ With a one penny tip and save yourself the work of gathering it yourself, Or You can subscribe to our membership and receive a box every week this big for 5.00 a week! If my salesmanship wasn’t good enough, My cuteness was. Lets just say.. I had five bucks in my pocket,

Anyway. I better sign off now (to go blow my nose). See ya. -Chance

Getting Lost. Adventures In Alberta. ( Part 4 )

Today I am gonna talk some more about my adventures in Alberta. On the first saturday that we were there we went swimming in the public ( Indoor ) pool. It was fun. They had a climbing wall and a diving board. The climbing wall had two sections. On was an easier section and one was a harder section. I could make it up both.

The Dollar Store. One thing I find funny was the dollar store. usual the dollar store has things for about a dollar right? Not in High Level.There was a toy gun in the dollar store for like $25.00. The most expensive thing I have seen in that dollar store was a statue for about $200.00. Insane!

Getting lost. The next day I woke up, Had breakfast, went outside to my fort, and kept working on it. All of the sudden I heard rustling in the woods. The dog looked up and started to bark furiously. As you can imagine I was nervous. I grabbed my pitchfork (My current weapon that I always brought with me. ) and walked ( slowly ) towards the sound. Then I saw a flash of a human and I knew it was my dad. I called out and he came over. he said he wanted to take some pictures of the forest. As we walked deeper int the forest. As we went deeper I kept mental track of where we were in the forest. But as dad told me where to stand so that he could take a pic of me, I lost track. As we headed home we followed the beaten path we had made. But, It turns out that, Deer make paths too! So, As it turns out, We were following a deer trail. Soon enough we found out we were lost, And panic began to set in my mind. Would we be lost for days? It was cold at night, There were wolves… Would we make it out alive??? But, As luck would have it, we heard the road. So we weren’t lost after all.

Well, That’s all I am gonna write today.. Hope you enjoyed!                                                                                                                               -Chance.


Adventures In Alberta ( Part 3 )

Now I have covered the journey to Alberta and why we left. So that means I can Get to the good stuff. The next day when I woke up dad was already gone to work. So I ate some breakfast and played iPad until mom woke up. Then we went to town. It is so beautiful driving down a forest road with ice-covered trees and hoarfrost-covered evergreens. We explored town for a while and then ate at KFC. When we got home I went outside. I wanted to go in the forest beside our house but I was also a little afraid. So I explored the out buildings. we had a garage, a shed with a loft, another shed, a greenhouse and a small smokehouse at the very end of the yard. I also noticed that the previous tenant was a hunter. How did I notice? There were skulls and skeletons all over the yard. We even found moose urine in a bottle in our house. Gross! ( mom was wondering how they get that in there ). A couple days later I worked up my bravery called the dog over grabbed one of my spears and hopped the fence into the forest. It was beautiful . If you look up all you can see is trees and the sky. So I wandered around some more and collected some dead trees. And I built myself a fort. here are some pics.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.06.58 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.07.14 AM

There. Now after I Built the structure I insulated it with pine leaves. Well, I better sign off now. See you all tomorrow!


Adventures In Alberta ( Part Two )

I realized that I forgot to tell you about my trip to Alberta! So I will just fill you in a bit. We left pretty early in the morning and headed out for Alberta. One of the worst parts of driving there was not the long drive, but the annoying dog ( Sassy ) who thought every ten seconds that it was her turn to sit up front. To tell you the truth, By the time we were halfway though Saskatchewan I would have been fine if we dropped her off in a big city. ( We didn’t ). After driving for 10 hrs straight we got to our hotel. I was expecting a run down, Flea infested, Horribly stinky ( Like smoke ) room. ( The kind where they spend more on the locks than the bed. ) When we got there I saw the opposite. It was very beautifully decorated inside, Had quite a large pool and smelled like clean laundry. I was excited. Now, You can imagine that after sitting in a car for 10 – 12 hrs straight I would want to stretch, and that is why I went for a swim in a nice large pool!

The next day we set sail. Now, It was horrid weather for driving on. The roads were icy, the sky cloudy, and it was snowing. Plus, Our tires on our car were bald. So we went slow. by the time we got to high level it was dark so I didn’t see much of the yard. well, I guess its time to sign off now! 

P.S. Did any of you see the meteor shower lastnight? I didn’t. Sad. Never seen a shooting star before. 😦 Anyway Goodnight!

Adventures In Alberta

So… In the last blog I posted, You would notice,  That I (temporarily) moved to Alberta.  So in this blog I am going to tell you a bit about my adventures in Alberta.  First of all I need to give you a description of the part of Alberta I lived in. It was faaar north, ( Near Alberta’s last frontier.) and completely surrounded in forest. The small work town we lived in was called High Level. My dad’s boss provided us a small farm to live on while we were there. Living on the farm was fun because ever scince I was a kid I have always wanted to live on a farm. It was a few miles out of town and one side of the farm was surrounded by forest, And the other side of the farm was surrounded by a small plains. As soon as I got to the house I wanted to explore the forest. This I did. Now, I have always been a fort builder. Give me some long sticks, Long, Dead, Grass and a tree stump and I can make you a decent fort. So you can imagine the plans running through my head. 

Well, If I write everything I did down today, I wouldn’t have anything for tomorrow! So, I guess it’s time to sign off. See you tomorrow!